Feel Lovely In Your Own Skin
For women who want to embrace their natural beauty, Bask & Bloom is the handmade soap company that will help you feel beautiful inside and out - no matter what your age.
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Treat yourself to soaps you'll swoon over

Want buttery soft skin you can't stop caressing? With our natural soaps and skin care you'll fall in love with your skin while ditching complicated products and routines.


I just adore all of these products. They make you feel amazing every morning & every night. I get excited when a soap is nearly finished because I get to choose a different one! Customer - Alicia H

Supercharge your daily pleasure routines

We make our soaps, shampoo bars and skincare by hand in small batches using only the finest natural ingredients: including organic shea butter, olive and coconut oil, soothing clays, botanicals and essential oils so you can relish in the simple pleasure of taking care of yourself.


"I am hooked on the shampoo bar. Love the fresh natural fragrance. I have fine, dry hair and the Lavender and Ylang Ylang shampoo bar is amazing, makes my hair so soft" - Customer Janet S

Bask in your own natural beauty

We celebrate beauty at every age: inspiring, encouraging and empowering women to embrace all they've been through, because that 's what makes them truly beautiful.


"To receive these products is like christmas time: so beautifully wrapped, no plastic,all re usuable paper and twine. Then the soap is fantastic, conditioning, lasts very well and smells amazing thankyou" - Customer Sandra N

Happiness Guarantee

We offer a 100% Happiness Guarantee. If you're not happy with our products we'll give you a refund or replace them.

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