'Bunny Bag' Heat Bags


      Bunny Bags are here! 

      Our exclusive range of handmade therapeutic heat bags to give you comfort and natural pain relief. 

      They are lovingly handmade on Tamborine Mountain with 100% cotton textiles in a range of stylish and practical designs. 

      We use 100% Australian Lupin (not wheat) in our heat bags.

      • Lupin is suitable for those with wheat allergies.
      • Lupin retains it's heat for longer than wheat.
      • It's odour free.
      • Does not absorb moisture.

      Bunny Bags are infused with dried Lavender or Chamomile flowers for added benefits and a lovely scent. Unscented designs are also available if you prefer. 

      Full instructions come with each Bunny Bag on how to heat and use them.

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