About Bask & Bloom

Hello my love!

You're definitely in the right place if you're tired of feeling invisible, over looked, over-worked and under-valued by our youth-obsessed society and you long to embrace your natural beauty and feel fabulous in your own skin - no matter what your age.

Bask & Bloom creates natural soaps, bath and body products to help you fall in love with yourself (maybe for the first time!) even if you're no longer 25 years old. Because who wants to feel beautiful and vibrant? We all do! That's who. No matter how old we get, we all want to feel loved, valued and appreciated. We all want to feel fabulous in our own skin.

"There is a freedom that comes with age. You don't need to chase other people's approval. You can be you in all your saucy eyed beauty. you don't need to conform to anyone else's idea of how you should look or behave."

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We're definitely for you if you:

  • Love using natural, handmade soaps and skincare products that give you soft, soft skin and hair. 
  • Want your skin to look and feel its best.
  • Want products that are simple, easy and delightful to use.
  • Want to be treated like a dear friend - becasue all our customers are to us.
  • Want to feel good knowing our products are safe and natural and formulated by a naturopath (me!)
  • Also want to be kind to the environment and nature by reducing plastic and packaging waste.

We believe you can (and should) feel beautiful - no matter what your age. 

 And who is this magic lady coming to you from behind the screen? 

 Hi! I'm Katrina. Soap maker, skin care formulator, qualified  naturopath, herbalist and aromatherapist. 

I started this company in its original form as Apple & Radish. We have recently rebranded and become Bask & Bloom.

Bask & Bloom has come about because I can see how older women are ignored, discounted and undervalued in our youth-centric culture. Which is a real shame because they have so much to offer! Just like a verdant garden coming into it's fullness during Autumn, this is when a woman's lifetime of lessons learned, wisdom and unique beauty come into their own. A woman's worth and beauty should be celebrated throughout life - not just in her 'springtime' years. 


Herbs infusing in oil

Soaps, Bath and Body Care inspired by nature and handmade just for you.


 I know you care  deeply about your family, friends, pets and communities. You go the extra mile caring for those around you. You deserve to be celebrated and made to feel beautiful. Because you are!

I love creating luscious handmade soaps and body treats that make you feel amazing. It's my way of bringing more beauty, comfort and joy into the world. And the world sure does need more of this at the moment, would you agree? 

Here at Bask & Bloom we love sending out parcels of love direct to your door and your heart. We look forward to receiving your order and welcoming you to the Bask & Bloom family. 

Much Love

Katrina xxx


Embrace Your Natural Beauty


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We also have a studio on Tamborine Mountain. If our signs are out - we're open! I'd love to meet you in person, so if you are in the neighbourhood, please pop in for a browse and a chat. 

In the mean time, go ahead and select a few special somethings for yourself or someone you care about. We post all over Australia and can arrange international postage too. Send us a message and ask for a postage quote. Or if you have any other questions!

Thanks for stopping by. I hope to see you again soon! 

Katrina XOXO

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